Quality Sport Court Fencing in Perth

At DBS Fencing, we offer sport court fencing to Perth residents, businesses, schools and government installations.

Why You Need Sport Court Fencing

Picture this: you and your friend stand on opposite sides of the tennis court. You volley the ball over the net, and it soars past your opponent. The ball crashes into the fence, then bounces and rolls to his feet. He picks it up, and you both continue the game.

Now picture the same scenario without the fence. The ball continues to fly past your friend, way beyond the court. It hits a tree and bounces into some prickly bushes. You and your friend spend the next few minutes trying to maneuver past the foliage to retrieve your ball.

As you can see, sport court fencing enables you to fully enjoy your game. It retains the balls during play, and it provides security for your court and equipment when you've finished scoring points. With the right fencing, you can spend more time playing with the ball than searching for it.

Why You Should Choose DBS Fencing

DBS Fencing specializes in sport court fencing. Perth athletes know they can count on our fences to meet game standards.

Whether you need fencing for a cricket batting cage, or chainwire mesh to enclose your football field, we have the materials and crew for the job. We also offer additional products such as safety barriers and crowd control barriers should your sporting event attract a lively audience.

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